Government of Nepal
Ministry of Culture, Tourism & Civil Aviation

Department of Archaeology
National Museum
Chhauni, Kathmandu

October 1, 2023

व्यावसायिक र सृजनशील प्रशासन,विकास, समृद्धि र सुशासन

Museum Chief

Jayaram Shrestha

Information Officer

Subash Krishna Dangol


Established in 1928 as an arsenal museum, The National Museum of Nepal is situated on the way to the Swayanbhunath hill. The museum is housed in a historical building built by General Bhimsen Thapa in early 19th century. The museum was initially named Chhauni Silkhana, literally meaning ‘the stone house of arms and ammunitions’, and is still popular by the name of Chhauni museum.One of the most popular museums in Kathmandu, Chhauni museum has wonderful historical collections and is divided into three main historical collections, each housed in a separate building. These collections let the people/visitors relive the history. The museum was opened for public by the then Prime Minister Juddha Sumsher JBR in the year 1938. Not only Nepalese were allowed to visit inside the museum at very low charge but also a building for an art museum  Read More